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Adding music to webpages is a subject that quite a few of our students have asked about, so I've decided to put up this page for information purposes.

Before we get into this, think about all the webpages you have visited. What do you think makes the best pages? What elements are included? What makes a particular page appealing to you, and is it univerally appealing? At the moment, I cannot think of any major webpage that uses music, and there is a reason for that.

The first issue that we will address is personal taste. Many people, myself included, do not like hearing music, midis in particular, on pages that we visit. Some people love midis; others, like myself, think they belong in the trash along with rap and heavy metal. There are very few instances where it's really necessary to include sounds on your webpages. If you do want to include sounds or music, PLEASE give your readers the option of turning them off. I've seen too many wonderful websites that have been ruined, in my opinion, by the addition of music, especially the ones that didn't allow me to turn it off.

Types of Sounds

On the internet, you will find 4 different types of sounds, with 3 sounding very much alike.