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I am "uh oh, getting to be too many to tell" years young and have lived in the land of "The Mouse" (Orlando) since 1990.

Hailing from Northeast PA, I earned my bachelor and master degrees in music from Marywood College and Ithaca College School of Music. Over the years I have been involved performing as a cellist as well as a pianist with many orchestras and chamber groups throughout the Northeast, and I've taught in public schools as well as privately in my studio. I have also worked in a printing and publishing business.

I am the mother of 4 children who are nearly grown, their ages ranging from 25 to 14. My first 3 are all boys and because of them I have been, and still am, heavily involved with the Boy Scouts of America.

My favorite hobby is 18th century re-enacting. Belonging to a group of friends called the Cassia Long Rifles, my persona is that of a seamstress.

I am self-taught as far as computers go, beginning with my TI994a way back in the late 70's, to an Amiga 500, and then on to PC's. I finally broke down and forced myself to learn html and found that it's not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be, and it's a lot of fun too!

I am a member of the faculty of the Third Age School of Learning, and I also host Classical Music with Cellomar.

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man in dressy colonial garbAs I already told you, I am the seamstress for our re-enactment group, the Cassia Long Rifles. This is a photo of the first dress outfit I made, modeled here by my friend Dana.

The outfit consists of a white linen dress shirt with ruffles and lace; matching waistcoat (westkit) and knee breeches made of forest green brocade with gold metallic threading; white gent's frock of poie de soie with white satan cuffs and gold filigree on the pocket flaps, and a black tricorn hat trimmed to match the outfit. He's also wearing dark green stockings, but the outfit looks much nicer and dressier with white. If you look in the photo of me (above), you can see a black round hat, also called a blank, in the upper right hand side. That is what a tricorn looks like before it has been worked on.

One of our favorite places to go on a re-enactment is Fort King George in Darien, Georgia. While we are there, we try to depict, as closely as possible, how daily life was lived in the 18th century. I'm not going to go into any detail about that subject on this page, as it will be on the re-enacting page when it is completed.

Every once in a while, though, special occasions arise, such as a wedding. Below are 2 pictures from a wedding which took place at the fort. On the left are Betty and Marshall, the bridal couple, and on the right is a photo of Amy amd Melissa (my daughter), who served as flower girls.

The Scots settled heavily in the Darien area, and that is why visitors to the fort will find, at times, a distinct Scottish flavor. An old Scottish wedding tradition featured the couple standing in a "blessed" circle, and the groom had to walk the circle 3 times, whilst holding a dagger between his teeth. When he at last meets up with his bride, she can take the dagger and sheath it, signifying acceptance, or she can take it and stab him in the heart, signifying rejection, obviously!

bridal couple photo flower girls photo Marshall is wearing the "great kilt." The females wear a similar garment called an "arrasaid." Instead of being wrapped in front, it is left open. The kilt fastens over the left shoulder, and the arrasaid, the right.

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