Everyone take out a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, and number your paper from 1 to 10. Make sure you put your name and today's date at the top; quizzes without names get an automatic 0.

This is a fill-in-the-blank quiz. Most questions will have more than 1 answer. Keep your eyes on your own paper; your neighbor probably knows as little, if not less, than you do. Ready?

  1. A very well known movie of the 90's was called Platoon. Who wrote the music ___________________________ and what is it called?_____________________________ 5 extra points if you can tell me why it was written.__________________________________________________

  2. You have all attended several weddings, I am sure, since attaining adulthood. One piece often played as a processional is Here Comes the Bride. Who wrote it? _____________________________________ 5 points extra credit if you can answer this: Who did this composer marry? ______________________________________

  3. A well-known Russian composer wrote a string quartet from which the songs from Kismet were taken. Who was the composer_________________________________ and what is the name of the piece?_________________________________________ Extra credit: Name 2 of the songs: _____________________________ and _______________________.

  4. Another song by the same composer was called Strangers in Paradise. Where was it taken from? _________________________________.

  5. A very well-known song was written quite a long time ago, and it was called Tonight We Love. Who wrote it________________________ and from what piece was it taken? ____________________________________

  6. A song called All By Myself has been recorded by several "pop" singers. Name the composer _____________________________________ and the name of the piece it was taken from ________________________________________. Make sure you include the correct movement.

  7. If you think about the year, you should be able to guess this one. What is the original name of the theme used in 2001 Space Odyssy _____________________________________________ and name the composer_________________________________. First name counts on this one. If you say Johann, you're wrong.

  8. What rock "singer" sang White Christmas with Bing Crosby on a Chrismas special? ___________________________.

  9. Another famous movie, Elvira Madigan, literally lifted this music, used for the theme, from what piece?________________________________ Name the composer___________________________________. Make sure you name the correct movement or I'll have to mark you wrong.

  10. If you own a tv you must have seen this commercial at least once. Drink Milk, Love Life used what famous classical piece ______________________________________________ and who was the composer?

When you are all finished, please pass your papers to the center of the aisle and I'll be along to pick them up. Hope you had fun!

If you'd like, email me your answers.

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